update for 360DRUMSbook app (iOS/Android)

Recently, the free 360DRUMSbook app has been updated and its new feature is one every drummer dreams of. Probably you are quite familiar with your metronome, now in this new version, the 360DRUMSbook app has a special metronome that brings you the drumless band tracks for studying at slow speed (40-65bpm). Furthermore, you can use the 12 special metronomes that allow you to study in even and triplet feel with the click on:

  • the one
  • the “e”
  • the “&”
  • the “a”
  • every dotted quarter note
  • every dotted eight note

The 360DRUMSbook app is free for download in your App Store (iOS/Android). It also provides a direct link to the youtube channel for help while studying the exercises from the books.

If you prefer using this audio in your own music player, you can download the audio (package of mp3) free of charge on this website.

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