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In June 2017 Joost Visser released his main two drum books (book of beats & book of fills). These two books are accompanied by a package of play-a-long audio (40-65 bpm). All designed to help you master the drums, starting in the first lesson, up to the fifth or sixth year of your drumming career. All accompanying texts are in both English and Dutch.

“These books always provides a suitable and new challenge for every type of student, with each student taking their own route.”

The two books are designed to be used in combination. Place the book of beats to the left of your lectern, the book of fills to the right. Now try to combine everything you can. Start slow by playing slowly along tracks (drumless tracks) and increase your speed step by step by 5 bpm.

“With 16 chapters for beats and 9 extensive and diverse chapters for fills, the next exercise for any drummer is quickly found.”

A big step was taken in December 2020 with the launch of the second version. In this version some chapters have been added (in which the hi-hat foot is better trained and an addition about Latin-American rhythms). Some chapters have been expanded so that the book offers broader and deeper practice material. But the biggest step has been taken by adding a QR code on each page that gives the drummer instant access to a wealth of supportive and inspiring video material.

“The best coaching takes place in the drum lesson. But by scanning the QR code, the student can watch inspiring videos & explanations at home to get the most out of the exercises.”

To be able to play an instrument requires a long journey. For some, this journey goes surprisingly quick, for others it seems an eternal quest. Anyway, to master the drums it is key to focus on three main skills.

  • Play along with musicians (or audio) in different tempos and styles.
  • Play beats (or grooves) in which the feel and independence is trained.
  • Play fills in which technique, style and chops (or licks) are combined.
360drumsbook play along play beats play fills

Often these 3 main skills are studied separately, which is perfect to obtain a good and solid foundation. But the next step is crucial: Learning to combine these three topics. And that is what this book is about! The two separate books will help you to combine easy and more complex fills with beats in different styles and feels. Place book 1 (beats) on the left side of your music stand and place book 2 (fills) on the right side. Off you go!