separate chapters / bundles are available now

360DRUMS BOOK ONE AND TWO (book of beats, book of fills)

More and more questions are being asked whether it is possible to buy individual chapters. For some teachers (and students) it does not make sense to buy the complete books because the drum school uses a different method book. But using a few chapters from 360DRUMS can be a great addition to the existing curriculum.

That is why six compact bundles have been added to the webshop with very low prices! The following bundles are now available as a ‘download’:

  • focus on even & triplet feel
  • the complete spectrum on hi-hat variations
  • having fun with twisting and turning beats & fills
  • basic fills
  • getting the most out of big accents
  • learning to apply fill systems

new steps regarding the 360DRUMS app

It was great that an app for iOS and Android was available. But it was not usable on all other systems. That is why we now have a PWA version (progressive web app). It can now be used on any version of mobile device (even on a laptop or computer)!

You can now add this link as a button on your phone or tablet (or to put it on your home screen).

complete revision of the books

Great news! There is a new and second version of BOOK ONE and BOOK TWO!

On every page there is a QR code that refers to inspiring & supporting videos.

And for example, a chapter has been added in which the hi-hat foot is trained extra well. And now there is also a chapter with basic rhythms from Latin America.

Some existing chapters have been expanded, such as ‘adapting the beat’ and ‘modulation’. And maybe you had already seen that the new 2020 audio package has grown enormously compared to the 2017 edition.

For the time being, this second version is only available via the digital release. But the soft-paper edition will hopefully be available soon.

audio pack has been updated

Now, there is a 2020 AUDIO PACK in which an enormous amount of unique practice material has been collected. Check this list and download the package for free in the shop.

  1. even feel band tracks (40-65bpm)
  2. triplet feel band tracks (40-65bpm)
  3. blues rock band tracks (40-65bpm)
  4. climbing clicks (even / triplet / blues rock)
    from 45bpm to 135bpm in 4 minutes
  5. big accents 70bpm (fills chapter 6)
  6. big accents 105 bpm (fills chapter 6)
  7. big accents 135 bpm (fills chapter 6)
  8. clicks on the 1
    even / triplet – 40-115bpm
  9. clicks on the e
    even / triplet – 40-115bpm
  10. click on the &
    even / triplet – 40-115bpm
  11. click on the a
    even / triplet – 40-115bpm
  12. click on the dotted quarter note
    even / triplet – 40-115bpm
  13. click on the dotted eight note
    even / triplet – 40-115bpm

how to work with the book of fills

Believe me, I recognize it, just playing the exercises does not make you a ‘master’. You have to mess with those exercises, you have to turn them upside down. But that sounds so easy! How exactly do you do that?

For each chapter in the books I will make videos that can help you on your way. And the first 3 are ready! These videos are spoken in Dutch, but the notes & sound is of course in the international musical language. 😉 I hope you have fun with these.

for chapter 1, 2, 3 and 4 (book of fills) // BASIC FILLS
for chapter 6 (book of fills) // BIG ACCENTS
for chapter 8 (book of fills) // SWIPES

the twenty minute training

A great project started in the second month of 2020! Every Saturday morning at 8:00 a new training video appears on YouTube. In every episode I will practice with you for 20 minutes so that you do not have to do everything on your own. That’s handy, right!? I do know that practicing at home, on your own, is quite difficult. Doing nice things is perfect, but those serious technical exercises… Pfff…

All exercises are in the same sequence, namely: 4-2-4-2 3-2-3 loud-loud soft-soft. But, every week, it will be used in a way that is just that little bit harder. This way we train your wrists, fingers and especially your head and ears. And those last two are perhaps the most important thing of all!

There will be a total of twenty videos of around 20 minutes, but the first are already online. Are you in?

our new BOOK ZERO is available

Everyone knows that novice drummers want to learn a lot. But nobody knows if that fire is big enough for a long drum career. Sometimes the purchase of a serious method book is just a step too far.

For that reason I have made a very small edition for starters: 360DRUMS BOOK ZERO. This free e-book can greatly help every new drummer, both with and without a teacher.

You our your student will learn a new concept on every page, and in this way you actually play along with almost all famous radio hits after studying some of these pages. Furthermore, you will also combine beats, fills & play-alongs with every exercise. That basic principle is the way to learn to play the drums well.

BOOK ZERO is available for download (click this link below) and can be found in the iTunes Book Store as well.

all “how to” videos can be found easily in the #360drumsbook app

The app for 360DRUMS has been completely updated, especially the video section has been given a major makeover which makes it even easier to find good sample videos while you are practicing.

This makes the videos (that fit the chapters) much easier accessible and you can get a lot of inspiration while you are practicing.

What can you find in this new version:

  • lots of inspiration for studying beats
  • many ideas for playing more creative fills
  • challenging drummer clicks (40-115bpm)
  • slow drumless playalong tracks (40-65bpm)

Besides all above, PayPal has recently been added as a payment system in the webshop. Furthermore, the digital version of the books can be purchased in de app by using PayPal. Many customers were asking for this feature. I am very glad to inform you about this new possibility.


Since today 360DRUMSbook is present at Bandcamp with our main drumless band-tracks. Starting at 40bpm for even feel, triplet feel & bluesrock you can practise your technique as best as possible.