how to work with the book of fills

Believe me, I recognize it, just playing the exercises does not make you a ‘master’. You have to mess with those exercises, you have to turn them upside down. But that sounds so easy! How exactly do you do that?

For each chapter in the books I will make videos that can help you on your way. And the first 3 are ready! These videos are spoken in Dutch, but the notes & sound is of course in the international musical language. 😉 I hope you have fun with these.

for chapter 1, 2, 3 and 4 (book of fills) // BASIC FILLS
for chapter 6 (book of fills) // BIG ACCENTS
for chapter 8 (book of fills) // SWIPES

the twenty minute training

A great project started in the second month of 2020! Every Saturday morning at 8:00 a new training video appears on YouTube. In every episode I will practice with you for 20 minutes so that you do not have to do everything on your own. That’s handy, right!? I do know that practicing at home, on your own, is quite difficult. Doing nice things is perfect, but those serious technical exercises… Pfff…

All exercises are in the same sequence, namely: 4-2-4-2 3-2-3 loud-loud soft-soft. But, every week, it will be used in a way that is just that little bit harder. This way we train your wrists, fingers and especially your head and ears. And those last two are perhaps the most important thing of all!

There will be a total of twenty videos of around 20 minutes, but the first are already online. Are you in?

our new BOOK ZERO is available

Everyone knows that novice drummers want to learn a lot. But nobody knows if that fire is big enough for a long drum career. Sometimes the purchase of a serious method book is just a step too far.

For that reason I have made a very small edition for starters: 360DRUMS BOOK ZERO. This free e-book can greatly help every new drummer, both with and without a teacher.

You our your student will learn a new concept on every page, and in this way you actually play along with almost all famous radio hits after studying some of these pages. Furthermore, you will also combine beats, fills & play-alongs with every exercise. That basic principle is the way to learn to play the drums well.

BOOK ZERO is available for download (click this link below) and can be found in the iTunes Book Store as well.