360DRUMS app for all mobile devices

Attention drummers! The 360DRUMS app is now EVEN better!

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The pwa-app for 360DRUMS has been completely updated and is packed with cool features to take your drumming to the next level.

Download it now on your phone or tablet and check out these cool features:

  • Inspirational videos packed with beats to make you rock!
  • Creative fills to take your drum solos to the next level (with videos).
  • Slow drumless playalong tracks (40-65bpm): Perfect practice material to perfect your timing!
  • Challenging drum clicks (40-115bpm): Test your limits and become a metronome master!

Not convinced yet?

  • Free to download!
  • Suitable for all levels, from beginner to pro.
  • Makes learning fun and challenging!
  • Updated regularly with new content!

    What are you waiting for? Download the 360DRUMS app now and rock it! ⬇️

The 360drums app for mobile devices is made to support you while using the books. It will be the platform for launching news and study support.

Installing a Progressive Web App (PWA) on your mobile device is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few simple steps. The exact steps may vary slightly depending on the type of device and browser you are using, but the general steps are as follows:

  1. Visit the PWA website: Open your browser on your device and go to the website of the PWA you want to install.
  2. Access the installation menu: Look for a button or icon on the PWA website that says “Install” or “Add to home screen.” Click on this button or icon to open the installation menu.
  3. Add to home screen: In the installation menu, you will see the option to add the PWA to your home screen. Select this option to install the PWA as an icon on your home screen.
  4. Confirm: You may be prompted to confirm the installation. Click “Confirm” or “Add” to complete the installation.

Once you have completed these steps, the PWA will be installed as an icon on your home screen. You can open and use the PWA just like any other app on your device.

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