what is the scope of the book?

You may wonder what’s in the books. The list below gives you an overview of all the chapters (topics) that are handled extensively. You can see it starts with the basics of rock drumming, but the student soon develops a wide set of tools to become a skilled pop drummer.


  • chapter 1: rock (8th note beats)
  • chapter 2: blues rock (12/8 and 8th notes)
  • chapter 3: 12/8 and half-time shuffle
  • chapter 4: adapting the beat
  • chapter 5: 16th note beats (1-e-&-a)
  • chapter 6: 4/4 and shuffle (triplet feel)
  • chapter 7: 1-e-& on the hihat
  • chapter 8: fast rock (4th note beats)
  • chapter 9: 1-&-a on the hihat (free in the app)
  • chapter 10: beat displacement
  • chapter 11: 8th note beats with accent on the beat
  • chapter 12: syncopated 8th notes on the hihat
  • chapter 13: 8th note beats with accent on the off-beat
  • chapter 14: bass drum modulation


  • chapter 1: fills in rock (on snare and two toms)
  • chapter 2: fills in blues (on snare and two toms)
  • chapter 3: fills in rock (with bassdrum added)
  • chapter 4: fills in blues (with bassdrum added)
  • chapter 5: mini fills (free in the app)
  • chapter 6: big accents (with 50 dedicated audio tracks)
  • chapter 7: independance excersises as fills
  • chapter 8: using swipes
  • chapter 9: playing fill systems

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