support // fills // chapter 9

Your master plan to get the most out of those drums. A hefty package of fills to study, but it makes you so incredibly creative!

Now, what we do is the following:

  • First we make 3 basic patterns, these patterns do not differ to much and will never change, so you will remember them quickly.
  • Then we play these as 8th note triplets (fits perfectly to blues rock).
  • Later 16th notes (can be played in even feel as well as triplet feel).
  • Block three represents the 16th note triplet variation (fist perfectly in triplet feel grooves).
  • Finally we play them in a 32nd note grid (fits perfectly in even feel).

fill system #1 (pattern B, even feel)

fill system #1 (pattern B, blues rock feel)

fill system #3 (pattern B and C, triplet feel)

fill system #4 (pattern A, blues rock feel)

fill system #8 (pattern B, blues rock feel)

fill system #11 (pattern A, B and C, even feel)

fill system #16 (pattern C, even feel)

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