support // fills // chapter 1

Perhaps playing fills is the best thing there is for most drummers. But while studying try to combine this with beats all the time. The following steps lead you to the best result.

  1. Choose the fill that you want to study and repeat it until you can dream it, until you can sing it and until you can play it with your eyes closed.
  2. Then choose a beat that you know well.
  3. Turn on soms music at the tempo at which you can comfortably play the fill & beat.
  4. Now play 1 measure beat, 1 measure fill, 1 measure beat, 1 measure fill and repeat this time and time again.
  5. Now find a faster track and start playing along. A little faster every time!
  6. When you have started in even feel, go back to step 1 and dive in to triplet feel.

chapter 1.1 (no. 4, even feel)

chapter 1.4 (no. 5, triplet feel)

chapter 1.7 (no. 4, triplet feel)

chapter 1.9 (no. 5, even feel)

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