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What is it about those eight note beats? You can use them in any style and with almost any song. That is why this is the best thing to start with.

For beginners, the chapters up to 1.11 are very important. But just after that (from 1.12) the beats become more funky and soulful. To become a true expert you must not forget these things:

  • everything can be played in a 16th note triplet feel
  • to 1.11 everything can be played in an 8th note triplet feel as well
  • an ostinato in the hihat foot will enrich the beat in a beautiful way

All beats in chapter 1 will give you all the flexibility to play and vary within a solid 8th note beat. In the examples below, every beat is being played in 4/4 time and I picked one of the band-tracks in 65bpm to play along.

chapter 1.1 (no. 1, even feel)

chapter 1.2 (no. 5, even feel)

chapter 1.6 (no. 1, even feel)

chapter 1.6 (no. 3, even feel)

chapter 1.8 (no. 4, even feel)

chapter 1.9 (no. 3, even feel)

chapter 1.16 (nr 3, 16th note triplet feel)

chapter 1.19 (no. 5, 16th note triplet feel)

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