In June 2017, Joost Visser released his two new drumbooks. These two books are accompanied with a package of play-a-long audio (40-65bpm). All designed to master the drums, starting in your first lesson, up to your fifth or sixth year. To be able to play an instrument requires a long journey. For some, this journey goes surprisingly quick, for others it seems an eternal quest. Anyway, to master the drums it is key to focus on three main skills.

  • Play along with musicians (or audio) in different tempos and styles.
  • Play beats (or grooves) in which the feel and independence is trained.
  • Play fills in which technique, style and chops (or licks) are combined.

360drumsbook play along play beats play fillsOften these 3 main skills are studied separately, which is perfect to obtain a good and solid foundation. But the next step is crucial: Learning to combine these three topics. And that is what this book is about! The two separate books will help you to combine easy and more complex fills with beats in different styles and feels. Place book 1 (beats) on the left side of your music stand and place book 2 (fills) on the right side. Off you go!